FlIp ThRoUgH tHe BoOk

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back on The Market

OOOOOOOK, so I have been waiting for forever 21 to put these back up so I can have these!!!!!!! And just my luck they put them back up, so you know I took action fast. Can't wait until I receive 'em!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!!! (July 4th)

So on July 4th, I will be taking a trip to New Orleans. I am soooo excited because I have never been. I would like to connect and gain more history about Hurricane Katrina because it was a devastating catastrophe. I am also a listener and fan of jazz music. I wonder if I should bring my trumpet and learn some southern style from the jazz players there, lol just kidding. I'm also attending the Essence music Festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm ready to see a lot of the artists and network with a lot more people!!!!!!!! I'm also ready for some southern style FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last and definitely not least my exercise teacher is hosting fitness classes every morning for the 3 days, so this is a major achievement!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure just walking down the street I'll be burning calories lol!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for pics :)Essence Fest

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This song is catchy. What do you think????

Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci
I love this female's style. She is a breath of fresh air....

New Poem- "My Love"

It's been three days since we made it official
We just finished talking, and I already miss you
From day one, it's like we had this instant connection
There were things I'd tell you, that I wouldn't tell my best friend
The things you say helped me realize that love was out there for me
I just had to look hard, put faith in GOD, and wait patiently
To keep it real, I love what we have and what we started
And it would hurt my soul if we ever departed
You are the air I breathe
The breath I take
That's how I know this love is no mistake
I'm your girl, and thats how it's going to be
Because I belong to you, and you belong to me
You are an angel that was sent to me from above
Because you are my heart, my inspiration, my love.........

- Written by Me <3

tank 'n bangles

I just threw on a pair of leggings and a tank top and accessories from h&m. I usually get my leggings from American Apparel because they have the high waist ones! It definitely holds for me :). I got these shoes from "Shoegasm" in the city for $25 dollars, great buy.


I recently got my nails done at "Nails by Brian" in the bronx. She definitely hooked me up, and every nail is different!!!!!!! I love nails that are cute and funky for the summer. Remember, style is what YOU make it. Be good loves :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Casually Plaid

Ok so, its starting to get warmer in NYC, so yay that means no coats!!!! Unfortunately by 5 or 6pm, it starts to get chilly, so I stayed safe with the long sleeve. My blue flatties are from h&m, i think they were $10. My jeans are from a store in soho, they were $20, and my plaid top I got from faith 21/forever 21, for $20 as well. And my gold over the shoulder bag I got from aldo maybe 5 years ago, (I'm starting to get old) Simple yet fun :)


Apple- Beautifully round, a fiesty crunch

Full- plentiful, room for more, defiantly wonderful

Fat- more to offer, goodies at which others yearn for

Thick- limitless, breaking out the box

Fashion- personal, influential, what YOU own