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Friday, December 10, 2010

Clogs are in!!!!!!

This Fall, why not fall in love with a pair of clogs??? I mean their stylish and funky, awesome combo dont'cha think??? Here are some that I thought were delish:

Forever 21- Week TWO- "SWEATERS"

Ten bucks is a steal!!!!! I'm starting to shop ASAP!!!!!!!!

Some favs:

Unmanly Diesease

Letting my mind breathe
From this constant flowing disease
That every man I meet seems to possess
Which only causes me pain and stress
That four letter word LOVE
Is used to loosely
Instead of thinking about what it means
They use it abusively
I thought that fathers were role models
And life's personal treasures
But instead what I had, decreased in measure
A solid relationship, never
Me staying strong, forever
Sympathy is not what i'm asking
But for men to complete their task of
Knowing and showing
That love isn't temporary or easily dismissed
But what you don't do, means a lot too
So i'll end it with this
Never take for granted what you have, or what you had
I just wish this so called Man I know would start acting like my dad!!
------signed, Broken HEaRt :(

Welcome, Welcome

Welcome!!!!! I cant say it enough lol!!!!!! This is my first blog, and let me tell you the meaning behind its name. Im artsy, smart, and a college student attending St. John's University in queens. You will find news, music, clothing, and poems written by MUAH.... Comment, and write me about the blog...Thanks artsy_smartsians!!!!!!!!!!


Apple- Beautifully round, a fiesty crunch

Full- plentiful, room for more, defiantly wonderful

Fat- more to offer, goodies at which others yearn for

Thick- limitless, breaking out the box

Fashion- personal, influential, what YOU own