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Friday, July 1, 2011


I am definitely enjoying New Orleans. The flight was kinda long, but I made sure to get a nap on the plane. I've been here two days and I love it already. A little bit hot but other than that it is amazing!!!!!! While flying in the sky I was able to snap a picture of some beautiful clouds. Next I took a picture by a tree in a park :). The next outfit is what I wore today: shorts from Faith 21, top from Necessary Clothing in soho, accessories from Forever21, and sandals from DSW. I was also rocking my Pink Friday lipstick. Stay posted for muchhhhh more!!!!!

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Apple- Beautifully round, a fiesty crunch

Full- plentiful, room for more, defiantly wonderful

Fat- more to offer, goodies at which others yearn for

Thick- limitless, breaking out the box

Fashion- personal, influential, what YOU own